Live-Work-Play Concept- a Growing Trend

SOHO - Small Office, Home Office

SOHO – Small Office, Home Office

The live-work-play concept is growing popular even in the U.S. where government is working closely with the real estate developer to come up with stand-alone pocket communities.

This trend is catching ground because of the need to protect the environment. It could not be denied that the present mode of transportation using fossil fuels have contributed to the greenhouse effect.

In the U.S., more and more people are asking government to set aside lanes for bicycles and pedestrians. Urban planners are also coming up with designs that enable people to walk safely and to have more access to dining, shopping and public transportation.

Indoor Game Room

Indoor Game Room

While local governments in the Philippines have yet to embrace this concept, some real property developers are coming up their own live-work-play projects; Taft Property Venture Development Corp, one of the best real estate developer in Cebu.  Taft Property’s Taft East Gate carries the micro-township concept and is within walking distance to Cebu Business Park and Asiatown IT Park, where many offices, including business process outsourcing companies, are located. It will have four high-rise condominiums, retail shops, swimming pools, multi-purpose halls, landscaped gardens, fitness gyms, and a jogging path.

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